Have you always been interested in doing Stand Up and been waiting for the perfect time to step out on faith? Do you think you have what it takes to be a comic? Would you like to brush up on your public speaking skills?

We can help turn your dream into a action. And it starts with you. 

Whether you are just starting to breakout into the Comedy scene or a professional wanting to learn more about the Industry, Register and get guidance from today's top comedians. 

Learn in a secure, safe and inviting virtual environment, where comics at all levels are welcome and respected.Your never to amazing not to learn more. 

Every step we take is a step closer to what could change our lives.” - Chris Dillard
Now that's funny Comedy Class 1
  • Now that's funny Comedy Class 1


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When you register you will receive a welcome email. Directions for class sign in and materials needed will be fourth-coming before the class starts. A zoom code to the private and secure class will be sent before class.

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